Bradfield Parish Archives 

"The archives which are held in Bradfield Parish Council Offices, Mill Lee Road, Low Bradfield are a unique collection of documents which contain references to the Parish over the last 500 years. Much of the collection covers the Bradfield Workhouse/Poor House (see separate lists) which was based at High Bradfield from 1759 to 1847 and gives a full insight into the workings of the Parish not only for family history but also social history."

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Brotherton Library Special Collections MS 295

255 vols, in 89 boxes (14 large vols not in boxes)

Note John Wilson was an antiquarian who lived at Broomhead Hall in the parish of Bradfield, near Sheffield. The Wilson family had lived in the same area for several centuries and extensive family archives formed the original basis for the collection, which was supplemented by acquiring or copying the papers belonging to other local families, such as the Kayes of Woodsome and the Bosvilles of Gunthwaite

The collection consists of original deeds, court rolls, manorial records, and other material, dating from the 13th century onwards and almost exclusively Yorkshire in character. It includes: (1) Papers, accounts and correspondence of the Wilson family, and of those families with whom they intermarried; (2) Documents relating to the churches, parish and castle of Sheffield; (3) Manorial records of Sheffield, Midhope, Rotherham, Gunthwaite, Almondbury, Cawthorn, Bolsterstone, Hallamshire, Penistone, etc.; (4) Parochial records of Bradfield, Ecclesfield, etc., and many abstracts of deeds relating to other Yorkshire parishes; (5) Papers in law suits, mainly of the 16th century; (6) Copies of genealogies of Yorkshire families; (7) Miscellaneous copies of medical receipts, epitaphs, sermons, folklore, and other antiquarian notes, collected by Wilson, or copied by him from printed works

Access is unrestricted

Contents listed in Handlist 1. Detailed card-indexes of place and personal names are also available for consultation in the Special Collections department.

Acquired for the Brotherton Library through the generosity of S. H. Burton, 1966

I have a copy of the handlist if you need specfic information.