The BATTY baptisms you have listed are my husband's ancestors.

I don't know whether you have the following information, but it might be useful to add to the site:

Hannah Askew (1826-1856) the daughter of Edward Askew, married George Batty (1825-1865). I have not as yet found where they married - possibly Bolsterstone?!

Their children were baptised at Bolsterstone, as listed on the website.

One of the children, Anne Batty (1846-1930) married Joshua Palfreyman (1842-1917)at Ecclesfield Parish Church in 1866. 
Joshua Palfreyman was one
of the men who came from Bradwell, Derbyshire to work at Sam Fox's works in Stocksbridge.

George BATTY (1825-1865) married Hannah ASKEW (1826-1856) 29.6.1845 at Ecclesfield Parish Church.

George BATTY, joiner was son of Thomas BATTY and Amelia WOOD from Thurlestone who married in 1811 
at St. John the Baptist Church in Penistone.

The gravestone of George and Hannah BATTY is situated close to the church entrance at Bolsterstone, St. Mary's Church:

"Hannah wife of George Batty of Stocksbridge departed this life 13 June 1856 aged 30 years. 
Also the aforesaid George Batty departed this life 25 March
1865 aged 40 years. 
Also Elizabeth daughter of the above George and Hannah
departed this life 23 July 1872 aged 23. 
Also Harriet the second wife of
George who died January 26 1874 aged 51"

Hannah ASKEW (1826-1856)was daughter of Edward ASKEW (1803-1856, blacksmith). 
Edward ASKEW and Elizabeth HINCHLIFFE married in 1825 at High

The gravestone of Edward and Elizabeth ASKEW is situated close to the main church door at Bolsterstone St. Mary's:

"Edward Askew died 27 April 1856 aged 53. Elizabeth Askew his wife died 9 January 1850 aged 51"

The wife Elizabeth referred to on the gravestone is probably the second wife of Edward ASKEW, formerly Elizabeth HELLIWELL.

The gravestone of Thomas Edward BATTY (son of George BATTY 1825-1865), born in Stocksbridge and victualler of the Bridge Hotel, Penistone in 1881, is situated in Bolsterstone St. Mary's churchyard:

"Thomas Edward BATTY died 15.5.1937 aged 83"

The gravestone of Richard ASKEW (1829-1901, blacksmith) a son of Edward ASKEW and Edward's first wife Elizabeth HINCHLIFFE is situated in Bolsterstone St. Mary's churchyard:

" Ann wife of Richard Askew of Greenmoor died 21.3.1899 aged 67. Richard died 5.5.1901 aged 71. 
Also Edward their son died 12.3.1911 aged 54. 
Theresa daughter died 5.7.1926 aged 60. 
Also John husband of Sarah G Askew
died 20.12.1935 aged 78. 
Also Sarah Grayson wife of John Askew died
23.3.1941 aged 84"

Elijah ASKEW (born 1837 Bradfield/Bolsterstone?) a son of Edward ASKEW's second marriage to Elizabeth HELLIWELL, 
was a publican at The Friendship
Inn, Stocksbridge in 1881. A gravestone relating to Elijah ASKEW's children is situated in Bolsterstone St. Mary's Churchyard:

"James son of Elijah and Mary Askew of Stocksbridge died 5.11.1858 aged 5 days. 
Also Ann the infant daughter died 25.7.1861. 
Also Benjamin son died
13.3.1866 aged 18 days. 
Also Mary Askew died 1.4.1866 aged 27"