Address Surname Forename Age Trade  County Page
72? Wadsley/Loxley100 Goodison Hannah 20
72? Wadsley/Loxley100 Goodison John 20 Pocket knife grinder Y
72? Wadsley/Loxley100 Knott Thomas 19/14
Beeton House Hives John 20 Y
Beeton House Hives Mary 20 Y
Beeton House Pinder Sarah 15 Female Servant Y
Beeton House Hives Sarah 60 Y
Beeton House Goodison Thomas 20 Servant Y
Beeton House Hives William Farmer Y 3 29
Beeton House Hives William 25 Y
Beeton House Earnshaw William 25 Male servant Y
Bingley Seat Rivelin Top Ludlam Alfred 2 mths Y
Bingley Seat Rivelin Top Rose Hannah 55 Ind. Y
Bingley Seat Rivelin Top Ludlam Joel 25 Grinder Y
Bingley Seat Rivelin Top Ludlam Lydia 18 Y
Broomhead Mill Jackson Ellis Corn Miller Y
Broomhead Mill Shaw John 33 Ag. Lab Y
Broomhead Mill Shaw Thomas 30 Ag. Lab Y 3
Carlane Top Shaw Aaron 4 mths    Y    
Carlane Top Shaw Ann 5   Y    
Carlane Top Shaw Mary 7   Y    
Carlane Top Shaw Sarah 26   Y    
Carlane Top Shaw William 25 Ag. Lab Y 9  24  
Carlane Top Shaw William 2   Y    
Conyards Shaw Alfred 8   Y    
Conyards Shaw Hannah 43   Y    
Conyards Shaw James 6   Y    
Conyards Shaw John 45 Ag. Lab Y 4  49  
Conyards Shaw Margaret 2   Y    
Conyards Shaw Martha 2   Y    
Conyards Shaw Nathaniel 4   Y    
Conyards Hills Shaw Aaron 3   Y    
Conyards Hills Shaw Annis 25   Y    
Conyards Hills Shaw Hannah 5   Y    
Conyards Hills Shaw James 6   Y    
Conyards Hills Shaw Joseph 30 Ag. Lab Y    
Cowell House Hodgson Abraham 6 mths Y
Cowell House Hodgson Ann 25 Y
Cowell House Hodgson Ann 3 Y
Cowell House Hodgson George 30 Ag. Lab N 10  9
Cowell House Hodgson Henry 4 Y
Cowell House Shaw Mary Ann 11  Female Servant Y
Crawshaw House Shaw Ann 25 N
Crawshaw House Shaw Ann 4 months Y
Crawshaw House Shaw Ellen 3 Y
Crawshaw House Shaw Joseph 65 Ag. Lab Y 2 28
Crawshaw House Shaw Joseph 5 Y
Crawshaw House Shaw Sarah 7 Y
Damaset Shaw Edward 16 Filemakers Apprentice Y 1  8
Ecclesfield Common1 Shaw Ann 20 or 28 Y
Ecclesfield Common1 Shaw Thomas 20 or 28 Filesmith Y 2 5
Ecclesfield Common2 Shaw Abraham 38 ? Farm ? N 4  22
Ecclesfield Common2 Barlow Alfred 2 ?
Ecclesfield Common2 Shaw Ann 9 Y
Ecclesfield Common2 Shaw Mary 7 Y
Ecclesfield Common2 Shaw Mary 35 N
Ecclesfield1 Shaw Ann 60 Y
Ecclesfield1 Shaw Hannah 18 Y
Ecclesfield1 Shaw Henry 29 Butcher Y
Ecclesfield1 Shaw Nathaniel 25 Filesmith Y
Ecclesfield1 Shaw William 60 Ag. Lab Y 13  11
Ecclesfield2 Shaw Ezekiel 15 Y
Ecclesfield2 Shaw Henry 12 Y
Ecclesfield2 Shaw Joseph 55 Filesmith Y 12  26
Ecclesfield2 Shaw Mary 55 Y
Ecclesfield2 Shaw Samuel 15 Y
Ecclesfield3 Shaw Ann 20 Y
Ecclesfield3 Shaw James 25 Filesmith Y 23&24 32
Ecclesfield3 Shaw Joseph 1 Y
Ecclesfield3 Shaw Sarah 4 Y
Fairest Shaw Elijah 11   Y    
Fairest Shaw Elizabeth 30   Y    
Fairest Shaw Emanuel 6   Y    
Fairest Shaw Enoch 8   Y    
Fairest Shaw Joseph 35 Farmer Y 3  
Fairest Shaw Joseph 2 Y
Fairest Sanderson Mary 14 Female Servant Y
Fairest Shaw Sarah 4 Y
Haginfield Shaw Annis 20 Servant Y
Haginfield Shaw Henry 15 Servant Y 15
Haginfield Tingle Simeon Farmer
Hang Moor Side1 Goodison Ann 2 Y
Hang Moor Side1 Goodison Benjamin 25 Grinder Y 2 51
Hang Moor Side1 Goodison Eliza 25 Y
Hang Moor Side1 Goodison Maria 1 Y
Hill Bridge Owlerton Proctor Abraham 2 Y
Hill Bridge Owlerton Proctor Elizabeth 7 Y
Hill Bridge Owlerton Proctor Emma 9 Y
Hill Bridge Owlerton Proctor Fanny 3 Y
Hill Bridge Owlerton Hague Frederick 15 Apprentice Y
Hill Bridge Owlerton Proctor Harvey 5 Y
Hill Bridge Owlerton Proctor Henry 10 Y
Hill Bridge Owlerton Proctor Jemima 37 Y
Hill Bridge Owlerton Proctor Jonathan 37 Stonemason Y 12/13 51 Sandi  US
Hill Bridge Owlerton Proctor Mary 10 Y
Hill Bridge Owlerton Watson William 20 Apprentice Y
Loxley Lockwood Ann 17 Female Servant Y
Loxley Mount Harriet 31 Y
Loxley Mount Harriott 5 Y
Loxley Mount Hugh 11 Y
Loxley Mount John 38 Farmer Y
Loxley Shaw Matthew 15 Male Servant Y 7
Loxley Mount Richard 2 Y
Loxley Singleton Samuel 22 Male Servant Y
Nethercliffe1 Shaw Amelia 25 Y
Nethercliffe1 Shaw Ann 55 Y
Nethercliffe1 Shaw Elizabeth 20 Y
Nethercliffe1 Shaw Samuel 55 Scale Presser Y 10/33
Nethercliffe2 Shaw Ann 5 months Y
Nethercliffe2 Shaw Annis 2 Y
Nethercliffe2 Shaw George 20 Scale Presser Y ?/51
Nethercliffe2 Shaw Sarah 20 Y
New Mills Bridge Shaw Benjamin ? Ag. Lab Y
New Mills Bridge Shaw Nathaniel 75 Yarn Manufacturer Y 7 21 or 4
Oughtibridge1 Shaw Elizabeth 5 Y
Oughtibridge1 Shaw Frederick 30 Shoemaker Y 13/23
Oughtibridge1 Shaw Harriet 30 Y
Oughtibridge1 Shaw John 7 Y
Oughtibridge1 Shaw Joseph 12 Y
Oughtibridge1 Shaw Martha 9 Y
Oughtibridge1 Shaw William 3 Y
Oughtibridge2 Shaw Jonathan 25 Shoemaker Y 16/24
Oughtibridge3 Reddish ? Armiral ? 20 (late Taylor) N
Oughtibridge3 Shaw Mary 15 F. Serv (late Hinchcliffe) Y
Oughtibridge3 Reddish Thomas 25 Miller N
Rivelin Wire Mill Rose Ann 35 N
Rivelin Wire Mill Rose David 15 N
Rivelin Wire Mill Rose Elizabeth 12 N
Rivelin Wire Mill Spencer James 15 Wire  Drawer's appr. N
Rivelin Wire Mill Rose Joel 7 N
Rivelin Wire Mill Rose William 40 Wire Drawer Y
Stannington Griffths1 Goodison George 70 Ind. Y 3 54
Stannington Griffths1 Elliot George 4 Y
Stannington Griffths1 Goodison Hannah 40 Y
Stannington Griffths1 Drabble Henry 11 Y
Stannington Griffths1 Drabble Jonathan 17 J. Brick maker Y
Stannington Griffths1 French Samuel 30 Man servant N
Stannington Griffths2 Drabble George 14 Male servant Y
Stannington Griffths2 Goodison Harriot 25 Y
Stannington Griffths2 French Henry 13 Male servant N
Stannington Griffths2 Goodison Jonathan 35 Clay dealer Y
Stannington Griffths2 Rodgers Sarah 14 Female Servant Y
Syke House Shaw Eliza 14 Servant Y
Syke House Shaw John 15 Servant Y ?/54
The Poggs Shaw Ann 1 week Y
The Poggs Hall James 12 Male servant Y
The Poggs Shaw John 6 Y
The Poggs Hoodcock John 15 Male servant Y
The Poggs Shaw Joseph 25 Farmer Y 1
The Poggs Shaw Maria 2 Y
The Poggs Shaw Mary 25 Y
The Poggs Garside Sarah 15 Female Servant Y
The Poggs Shaw William 4 Y
Townhead1 Goodison Elizabeth 44 Y
Townhead1 Goodison George 21 Ag. Lab Y
Townhead1 Goodison John 50 Farmer Y 1 36
Townhead1 Goodison Margaret 19 Y
Townhead1 Goodison Thomas 55 Farmer Y
Townhead2 Goodison Mary 40 Y
Townhead2 Goodison William 50 Ag. Lab Y
Uppergate1 Goodison Ann 16 Y
Uppergate1 Goodison Charlotte 20 Y
Uppergate1 Goodison Hannah 13 Y
Uppergate1 Goodison Hannah 45 Y
Uppergate1 Goodison John 55 Grinder Y 2/36
Uppergate1 Goodison Thomas 19 Y
Uppergate1 Goodison William 10 Y
Uppergate2 Goodison George 4 Y
Uppergate2 Goodison Hannah 45 Y
Uppergate2 Goodison Harriett 10 Y
Uppergate2 Goodison Henry 14 Y
Uppergate2 Goodison Henry 4 Lodger Y
Uppergate2 Goodison James 5 months Lodger Y
Uppergate2 Goodison John 20 Y
Uppergate2 Goodison Joseph 45 Grinder Y 2/36
Uppergate2 Goodison Mary 2 Lodger Y
Uppergate2 Goodison Mary 7 Lodger Y
Uppergate2 Goodison Mary 8 Y
Uppergate2 Goodison Robert 1mth Lodger Y
Uppergate2 Goodison William 6 Y
Uppergate3 Shaw Annis 10 Y
Uppergate3 Shaw Benjamin 10 Y
Uppergate3 Shaw Hannah 35 Female Servant Y
Uppergate3 Shaw John 65 Razor Manufacturer Y
Uppergate3 William 20 App. Razor Manuf. Y
Uppergate4 Shaw Annis 20 Y
Uppergate4 Shaw Hannah 1 1/2 Y
Uppergate4 Shaw Harriett 9 Y
Uppergate4 Newsham Harriott 12 Lodger Y
Uppergate4 Newsham Henry 7 Lodger Y
Uppergate4 Shaw Johnathan 20 Y
Uppergate4 Shaw Ruth 50 Y
Uppergate4 Newsham Sarah 10 Lodger Y
Uppergate4 Shaw William 60 Scale Presser Y
Uppergate5 Shaw Hannah 35 Y
Uppergate5 Shaw Henry 1 Y
Uppergate5 Shaw William 30 Razor Manufacturer Y
Uppergate6 Shaw Mary 47 Y
Uppergate6 Shaw Matthew 49 Shoemaker Y ?5 38
Uppergate7 Stanley Charlotte 9 months Y
Uppergate7 Goodison John 15 Y
Uppergate7 Bramall John 40 Stonemason Y 7 39
Uppergate7 Goodison Lewis 1 Y
Uppergate7 Goodison Lois 6 Y
Uppergate7 Goodison Lois 35 Y
Uppergate7 Stanley Rachel 26 Lodger Y
Uppergate7 Goodison William 33 Grinder Y ?6 38
Uppergate7 Goodison William 12 Y
Village of Midhope2 Shaw Ann 10 Y
Village of Midhope2 Shaw Edmund 25 Ag. Lab Y
Village of Midhope2 Shaw George 30 Ag. Lab Y
Village of Midhope2 Shaw John 60 Ag. Lab Y ? 10
Village of Midhope2 Shaw Joseph 20 Ag. Lab Y
Village of Midhope2 Shaw Sarah 55 Y
Wadsley/Loxley72 Goodison Charles 15 Pocket knife grinder Y
Wadsley/Loxley72 Goodison Elizabeth 10 Y
Wadsley/Loxley72 Goodison Rebecca Easter 5 Y
Wadsley/Loxley72 Goodison Ruth 45 Y 14  11
Wadsley/Loxley72 Goodison Ruth 15 Y
Wharncliffe Side1 Shaw Abraham 40 File Manufacturer Y 10  3  
Wharncliffe Side1 Shaw Ann 7   Y    
Wharncliffe Side1 Shaw Ann 35   Y    
Wharncliffe Side1 Shaw Eliza 4   Y    
Wharncliffe Side1 Shaw Hannah 5 months   Y    
Wharncliffe Side1 Shaw Harriott 9   Y    
Wharncliffe Side1 Shaw John 11   Y    
Wharncliffe Side2 Shaw Ann 45 Y
Wharncliffe Side2 Stanley Harriott 20 Y
Wharncliffe Side2 Shaw John 45 File Grinder Y 10  12
Wharncliffe Side2 Hawksworth John 5 Y
Wharncliffe Side2 Hooke William 14 File Grinder apprentice Y
Workhouse Shaw Frederick 15 Y
Worrall Shaw Elizabeth 65 Y
Worrall Shaw John 20 Ag. Lab Y
Worrall Shaw Matthew 60 Ag. Lab Y
Yew Tree Shaw Benjamin 40 Cutler Y 2  40
Yew Tree Shaw Edward 15 Millwright Y
Yew Tree Stacey Elizabeth 15 Female servant Y
Yew Tree Shaw John 10 Y
Yew Tree Shaw Sarah 10 Y
Yew Tree Shaw Sarah 50 Y
Yew Tree Shaw Thomas 13 Y
Yew Trees1 Shaw Sarah 20 Y
Yew Trees1 Newton William