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24 July 1756
DESCRIPTION Agreement : (i) Edward Wortley, lord of the manor of
Hunshelf and William Fenton of Underbank, Henry Balguy of Wortley, lordship, George Walker of Hunshelfe and John Cockshutt of Hunthwaite, gents., Thomas Pierson of Snoddenhill, Joshua Newton of Hunshelfe Bank, John and George Pearson of Roughbirchworth, yeoman, all freeholders of Hunshelfe and (ii) Godfrey Bosville, now or late of Gunthwaite, esq., lord of the manor of Oxspring : - to submit disputes over boundaries of Snoddenhill Common in Hunshelfe and Roughbirchworth Common in Oxspring to arbitration of Godfrey Wentworth of Hickleton, Aymor Rich of Bullhouse and Joseph Clay of Brighouse, esqs.

1 May 1591 - 26 February 1592
DESCRIPTION Deed to declare uses : John Beighton of Smalfeild to John Wainewright of Over Midhop, yeomen : - - of a Final Concord following conveyances (i) John Greaves of
Hunshelf and Thomas Greaves of Rolleston Park, par. Tutbury, co. Staffs., yeoman to J. B. and J. W. : - -messuage and lands in Over Midhop and Nether Midhop - - : (`lately') (ii) J. G. and T. G. to J. B. : - - messuage in Over Midhop with closes called Tenter Croft, Lathe Croft, Meale Landes and Thickwoodes, 6 doles in Byerdolefeild (mentions Lowmy land furlong, the Intackes, Wharelandes furlong, Long Acre, Acres furlong, Westfeild furlong and close called Bateroyd) - - : 6 May 1591 (iii) To J. W. : - - Yngcroft, the Hollme and 8 byerdoles in the Byerdolefeild of Over Midhope (mentions Fallderynges, Ellroogrevetop, Longroodes, Townefeild yate, Kilnepece furlong, Birkinland Furlong, Sherbordes furlong, Croftes Endes and Newe Ynges). 1 May 1591 - - : Witn. John Walker, John Wordesworth, H. Weste, Thomas Greaves, George Hopkinson. 26 February 1592
NOTE Old style date 26 February 1591

5 October 1580
DESCRIPTION Draft Inquisition Post Mortem : Godfrey Bossevyle of Gunthwaite, esq. : - - manor of Gunthwaite with 3 messuages, 2 cottages, 1 watermill, 200 acres land, 100 acres meadow and 100 acres pasture and 30 acres wood (held of George, Earl of Shrewsbury, of his manor of Brearley). Manor of Oxspring with 1 1/2 watermills, 3 cottages, 200 acres land, 100 acres meadow, 200 acres pasture, 20 acres wood, and underwood, 100 acres heath and furze and 6 6 s. 8 d. rent in Oxspringe,
Rughburcheworth, Thurlestone, Hunshelf and Ormethwaite (similarly held of Earl of Shrewsbury). Capital messuage, 40 acres land, 20 acres meadow and 60 acres pasture in Kerforth (held of Crown manor of Barnsley). 8 messuages, 2 cottages, 100 acres land, 80 acres meadow and 200 acres pasture in Cawthorne (held of Thomas Watson of Waulton, esq. of his manor of Callthorne). Manor or capital messuage, 3 messuages, 4 cottages, 60 acres land, 60 acres meadow, 100 acres pasture and 200 acres heath and furze in Pennystone (held of Crown manor of East Greenwich). 4 messuages, 4 crofts, 20 acres land, 10 acres meadow, 20 acres pasture and 100 acres moor in Barnesley (held of the Crown manor of Barnesley and sometime property of Pontefract Priory) - - : Recites his Will, that he died 22 July 1580, and that his eldest son and heir Francis Bossevyle was then over 17 years 3 months in age

20 June 1559 - 21 June 1559
DESCRIPTION Copy Settlement : Godfray Bossvyle of Gunildthwayte to Robert Rocklay of Rocklay and Thomas Drax of Woodhall, esqs. : - - manors of Gunildthwayte, Denby and Oxspringe and all his property in those places and in Cawthorne,
Penyston, Thurleston, Barneslay, Rughbirchworth and Hunshelf - -: To the use of G. B. for life and then successively in tail male to his sons Francis, Godfrey and William ; his brother Rafe and Henry ; and Jervis Bossevyle of Newhall esq. Witn. William Barmbey, Matthew Uther, Ralph Jenkinson, John Mickelthwayte, John Jenkynson, Roger Mickelthwayt, Lawrence Moakson. Thomas Hawkesworth. Robert Scorer, John Michell, Anthony Wodcocke. 20 June 1559 Attached is relative Feoffment. 21 June 1559

13 August 1572
DESCRIPTION Copy. Settlement : Godfrey Bossevyle of Gomuldthwayte, esq. to Robert Rocklay of Rocklay and Thomas Drax of Woodhall, esqs. : - - manors of Gomuldthwayte, Denby and Oxspringe,. Cawthorne,
Penyston, Thurleston, Barneslay, Kearesforth, Rughbyrchworth, Hunshelf - - : To the use of G. B. for life and then successively in tail male to son Francis, brother Rafe and Henry and Jervis Bossevyle of Newhall, esq. Witn. to livery of seisin Richard Beaumont, John Kay, William Barmbye, esq., Thomas Hawkesworth, Robert Cooke, John Michell, Thomas Catlin, Anthony Woodcocke With copy of relative Feoffment

16 November 1579
DESCRIPTION Copy. Common Recovery: William Mason and Edward Smytrhe from William Cressie, Nicholas Towers and Thomas Waterhouse gents. :-- 3 messuages, 20 tofts, a water corn- mill, 40 gardens, 600ac. land, 220 ac. meadow, 600ac. pasture, 100ac. wood, 1000 ac. heath and furze, 1000 moor, 600ac. turbary and 10s. rent in Doncaster, Crarcrofte, Ouston alias Oston, Sutton, Mosse, Balne,
Barnesleye, Penyston, Wakefeld, Stanley, Thurlestone, Hunshelfe, Bolsterstone, Waldershelfe, Swynden, Thorpe, Skellowes and Bradfeild --:

11 January 1647
DESCRIPTION Copy : Edmond Rogers of
Barnesley, yeoman : to be buried in chancel of Barnsley church : bequests to Ellen Rooke ; niece Alice wife of Edward Hincliffe and daughter of brother Thomas Meller ; Alice Meller, Alice wife of John Rogers dec'd ; niece Anne wife of Thomas Smith and daughter of brother John Rogers ; poor of Barnsley and Thorpe Awdling ; Francis Watson and Hugh Allen ; Mrs Sandford of Silkeston ; Mrs Bateson of Barnsley ; John, Henry and Thomas Woodcock ; `Thomas Parkin wife of Hesslesbrough' ; John Hirst of Pyegreave ; wife of Amborse Wordsworth ; Isaac Waterhouse ; John Waterhouse and his three children ; Mrs Massye ; 2 daughters of Thomas Mellor ; Henry Swift of Wadsley ; twenty pounds for the maintenance of a preacher at Middopp Cappell `and when the place is vacant to the poore of Waldershelfe' ; Mary Bennett and her sister Ellen ; poor of Silkeston and South Kirkeby ; John Swallow ; Mr Hatefeild vicar of Darton ; Mr Wild ; William Wainewright ; 10 for the erection of a clock in the Town Hall, Barnsley ; Elizabeth Waterhouse ; 50 each for the erection of a schoolhouse and house for the preaching minister in Barnsley ; Gregory Armitage ; Nicholas Broadley and Thomas Wood : - - messuage in Middopp ; tithes of corn and grain at Thorpe, Wentbridge par. Badsworth : rectory of Kirkeby [Part of an original bundle DDBM/35/33 - DDBM/35/44]
NOTE Old style date 1646

7 May 1680
DESCRIPTION In 320 : John Beighton of
Nether Bradfeild, chapelry of Bradfeild and Jonathan Beighton of Mansworth Hall, par. Mansworth, yeoman to Thomas Hattersly of Upper Midhope : - for performance of covenants of deed of same date. Witn. James Lee, Thomas Hattersley, Edmund Whithead, Martin Jopson

16 April 1680
DESCRIPTION Marriage Settlement : (i) Robert Hall of Stumperlow par. Sheffield, gent. (ii) John Spender senr., of Cannon Hall in Cawthorne (iii) Henry Hall, gent., son and heir of Robert Hall : further to marriage of .H H. and Sarah, widow of John Norton of Kettlethorpe, gent., dec'd, and daughter of John Spender for her marriage portion of 750 : - - messuage, cottage called Hallam Feild Coate and close called Near and Faree Sneathinges, Upper and Nether Storths, the Springe, Little Meadow at the back of the barne, the Leyes, the Leyes alias Odecroft and 4 Hallam Feilds all in Stumperlow, Manor of Meddopp alias
Over Meddopp with Meddopp Hall and messuages (8 tenants named) and all appurtenances in Meddopp, Langside and Bradfeild, Farm called Coates par. Silkston. Witn. J. Wilson, Tho. Whitakers, T .Wainwright, Charles Moore

10 April 1699
DESCRIPTION Thomas Hattersley of Upper Middop in the Chapelry of
Bradfeild, yeoman : bequests to sons Thomas, Jesper, John, William, Nicholas and Joseph ; daughters Sarah Hattersley and Ann Shaw ; brother John Hattersley of Wath : - - messuage and closes in Upper Middop - -: Thomas to provide sufficient meat, drink, lodging, learning and apparel for Joseph until he reaches the age of 14. Witn. Emor. Rich, John Greaves, Robert Oldham.
Probate 20 September 1699

8 July 1711
DESCRIPTION Thomas Hattersley of Upper Middop in the Chapelry of
Bradfeild, yeoman : bequests to son Thomas Hattersley, daughter Dorothy, brothers Jasper, John, William, Nicholas and Joseph, sister Sarah Oldham ; wife Anne : - - messuage called Abby alias One Manshouse with freehold land in Derbyshire or Yorkshire ; 2 messuages in Upper Middop (one called the Upper House). Trustees Thomas Eyre of Hollins par. Castleton, co. Derby, yeoman.
Probate 20 August 1711

26 April 1669
DESCRIPTION In 600 : Rev. Matthew Booth of Bothal Castle, co. Northumberland and his son Rev. John Booth, of the same to Thomas Steade of
Ouseacre in the Chapelry of Bradfield, yeoman : - for performance of covenants of deed of same date - : Witn. Jere Ward, Thomas Ibotson, Richard Morton, William Waterhouse, Nicholas Shaw, Joseph Charlesworth, John Revell

12 February 1791
DESCRIPTION Lease for 99 years at 5 5s. rent : Henry Holley of Mortomley Lane End, par.
Ecclesfield, nailmaker to John Jackson of Bennetland, farmer : - - messuage, barn and garth in Bennetland, with 1 ac. 2r. allotted at the inclosure of Bishopsoil - - : Witn. Thos. Ferrand, John Green

10 September 1565
DESCRIPTION Copy. Feoffment; John
Waynewryght of Bolsterstone yeoman to Francis More and Robert Lewas gents.:-- all his property in Ouston, Doncaster, Carcroft, Sutton, Balne, Barnesley in par. Wakefield, and Peniston, and in the chapelry of Bradfeld --: To use of J.W. and of Agnes Blackeborne alias Waynewryght, daughter of John (Joan?) Waynewright wife of said J.W. Witn. John Cokke alias Bevis, John Bredene, William Huscroft, John Hudson, William Byrde, Robert More, Christopher Spalden

19 June 1550
DESCRIPTION Copy. Quitclaim: William Dereman son & heir of George D. of Machamlaye, co. Salop., gent. to John
Waynwryght of Bolsterstone yeoman :-- 3 messuages, 4 cottages, 1 dovecote, 6 gardens, 100ac. land, 20ac. meadow, 60ac. pasture, 20ac. wood and 200ac. common, moor and turbary in Ouston, Doncaster, Carcrofte, Balne & Sutton --: Witn. Rev. William Hill, Robert Cotton, Thomas Cudworth

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