Do you recognize anyone in these photos ? 
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Scan10007.jpg (255808 Byte)   Scan1025.jpg (237005 Byte)   Scan1027.jpg (249150 Byte)   Scan1045.jpg (55555 Byte)

These 4 photos from Jacky BOWER Anyone know who they are ?

These 2 photos from John CHARLTON  

Unknown Seaside Trip John CHARLTON.jpg (125598 Byte)

Unknown Seaside Trip

Unknown Wedding JohnCHARLTON.jpg (128703 Byte)

Unknown Wedding

This photo from Jacky's cousin.  Anyone know who the girls are ?
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Bernie HOUCHIN says

"This photo is of my g\grandfather James CHARLESWORTH and his wife Mary {nee HICKSON] 
James is standing far left back row 
Mary sitting in front of him 
Winifred sitting to the right of Mary 
We think to the right of her is Mary Louisa, my grandmother, who married Alfred James HOUCHIN"

Edith SCHOFIELD (Mrs. John A. HOGELAND) also has this photo and adds:

"Facing forward, the man on the left in the bowler is my grandfather Albert SCHOFIELD born in Hathersage.  
My father Albert Ernest SCHOFIELD  is in the back row in the bowler.  On HIS right is his first wife Eliza .  Kneeling in front is his daughter Lillian. Behind her is my step-grand-mother.   I THINK the woman on her left is Albert's sister: Ann"

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