The idea: to gather together as much genealogy information as possible from the general area of Bolsterstone, Deepcar and Stocksbridge. 
My SHAW ancestors came from here .. 

The families have lived here for generations, and the difficulty one has to sort out the Johns and Janes, Williams and Marys  is quite formidable.
In the year 2000 I came to the conclusion that the whole area was connected and it wouldn't be long before I would find links to most of the names in the church registry books. 
                                                                          So I started collecting them all.
Not just SHAW but everyone who was either born, married or buried at Bolsterstone or just happened to be passing through .... 
Over the years the database has expanded from the original 5000 to over 19,000. (August 2009)
Please note: these pages are the result of 1000s of hours of work. This is my hobby .. and I hope it will help other people interested in the area .. 
It is not my intention (and never will be) to use this information for any commercial gain and if I ever find out that this information is being sold then I'll get real mad !! 

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The Village

The village The village of Bolsterstone   (Note added here) Village site     The Bolsterstone Community Group        
Newspapers Newspaper cuttings  (Updated 12th Oct. 2007)
Maps Maps and photos of the villages .. any to add ?  Sale Bolsterstone for sale   
Photos Photos of the villagers of Bolsterstone    Pedigree Rimington-Wilson pedigree ... adding a touch of class to these pages 
Where to find filmed records Records of the Bolsterstone area and books.  Wilson New Man In My Life 
Castle Bolsterstone Castle Project .............. A Local Heritage Initiative Robin Hood Robin Hood of Bolsterstone           Enjoy the story while it lasts
1870 awards 1870 Valuation Awards   (Up-dated 3rd June 2007)  From Clair  Bits and pieces from Claire    (Coming up)

The Church

History and time-line (coming up soon) Christenings Christenings at Bolsterstone  
Marriages with father's name and occupation Marriages at Bolsterstone    Burials Burials at Bolsterstone  List of 200 burials before 1813 
 A hole in the Bishop's Transcripts    Burials new Burials at Bolsterstone after 21 Oct 1856  (updated 22nd. May 2006)
Soldiers who died in WW1 The War Memorial   New name added ENGLAND Churchyard The Churchyard 

The People

Census Census   (Up-dated 3 rd June 2007)  Families, researchers and Brick Walls Families, Researcher's Interests and Brick Walls 
Directories etc Directories, SHAW BMDs and more  (Lots of names)  Links Links to the past and present world .. any to add ?  
Strays  The strays in the database  (People not born in Yorkshire)   BOLDERSTONE as a surname  Bolsterstone, Bolderstone as a surname
Photos Family Photos  .. want to add yours ?   (page 6 updated 2007)  Who are they?  Do you recognize these people ?  (4 photos added 23rd Nov. 2007)
2004 Photos 2004     2005  Photos 2005   Aunts In memory of my two aunts Vera and Hilda SHAW   
Worldconnect The whole database at WorldConnect (over 19,000 people in Aug 2009)


How to search the IGI  How to search the IGI General info. Getting started .. Mailing Lists, Virus, Trolls, Genealogy scams
Guest book  Please have a look around, then come back here and sign the guestbook on my RootsWeb pages   
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