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Bolsterstone Ringer's Outing

Here is an article written by my Grandfather, John Redfearn Brearley about a trip by Bolsterstone Bell Ringers in 1919. Although the article doesn't mention the names of those who undertook what seems to have been a hazardous outing there is underneath the announcement of a peal rung at Bolsterstone to commemorate Peace in 1919. Many of those names will be familiar to you.

David Brearley is my Great Grandfather and he was Captain of the Tower, followed by his son, my grand-father John Redfearn Brearley, followed by his son, my father John Archie Brearley. Archie Brearley is my Great Uncle, David Brearley's son and John Redfearn Brearley's brother.

David Brearley's brother Arthur Brearley was Captain of the Tower at Bradfield.


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The Penistone, Stocksbridge, Hoyland and Chapeltown Express, November 11th 1898

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