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Race House 1.jpg (37178 Byte)   Race House 2a.jpg (135880 Byte)

These photos from Raymond SHAW. His great grand-father Nathaniel Hezikiah SHAW (1837-1907) with his second wife Hannah nee HILL taken in front of Race house 1906. The second photo: Raymond's wife and daughter at Race house in 1959 before it was demolished.

Dad at Clara's.jpg (53033 Byte)   My father, Arnold (left side of the photo) together with his friend John BREARLEY of Stocksbridge. Picture was taken in Huddersfield and as both appear to be in their early twenties, I guess the date around 1907/8.

Mum Dad Hilda Eunice.jpg (56711 Byte)   My mother Kate, father Arnold and my sisters Hilda and Eunice, taken in 1917 on my father's one and only leave from WWI.

Race-house from Jackie.jpg (77776 Byte) This photo of Race house from Jackie BOWER. 


These photos from Bernie HOUCHIN


"This is my great great grandfather James WILSON, born 1789in Ashover Derbyshire; he moved to Bradfield as a young man and married Mary ELLIOT fromUghill: He was employed as a Gamekeeper by the Bradfield Game Association, their first born was Henry WILSON my Great Grandfather 16 Nov 1826.
He lived all his life in Bradfield working firstly as a woodman then as a quarry ,andthen took over the Haychatter Beerhouse 1893-1901 listed. He is in the 1891 census as Innkeeper and Farmer ,and died there in 1904.
His daughters: Elizabeth married Henry CRAWSHAW / Ann married Joseph GILL/ and my Grandmother married Joseph WILSON of another old Wilson farming family from Bradfield .I am hoping that maybe someone has photos of any family member, I am sure that Henry as Innkeeper would have had his photo taken many times."

James Charlsworth 2.JPG (60510 Byte)   Mary Hickenson 2.jpg (65043 Byte)

"Here are my great-grandparents James CHARLESWORTH and his wife Mary HICKENSON.
Mary was born in Booth Lane, Hathersage, Derbyshire in 1845, her mother was Ann SCHOFIELD before her marriage to John HICKENSON hence the connection with the Schofield family in our family Photo. The Schofield family are to the left of that photo and the CHARLESWORTHs to the right.
James CHARLESWORTH was born 1843 at Daiseylee in Cartworth and like many others came to Stocksbridge because of the work [we think]. He met and married Mary and lived on the Hunshelf Bank area as did the Schofield Family.
James became a foreman in the wire-drawing department where his sons eventually also worked as wire drawers.
James was said to be leader of the Stocksbridge band in 1872 He played 3rd cornet."

ruthlaycock02.jpg (38044 Byte)

  ruthlaycock01.JPG (59332 Byte)   hlb016sm.jpg (45583 Byte)   hlb020sm.jpg (50578 Byte)   HildaBeardwithfriend.jpg (17444 Byte)

These photos from Frank MEESON
The first 2 of his Grand-mother Ruth LAYCOCK, born 1877 in Bolsterstone, parents James LAYCOCK and Emma BUTTON.
Then his mother Hilda Louisa BEARD (born 1896) ca. 1898 and 1914.
Hilda Louisa Beard with friend Mary FLOOD, does someone know her ?

DSC00270.JPG (143622 Byte)

Greetings from Stocksbridge from Bernie HOUCHIN
Victoria Street .It was the home of the Schofields who started the Stocksbridge Bottling Company and the home of John Hogeland's mother who was a Schofield before marriage.

1911StrikeKiddy CHARLESWORTH.jpg (380757 Byte)

Striking Miners. 1911 Fox's pit with barrel organ. Names: CROSSLAND, ROEBUCK, MARSH, SAMPSON, TURNER, FIRTH, CHARLESWORTH, COOK, WOODHEAD, DYSON. Contributed by Connie Goldring (380 kb)


Jim CRAWSHAW.jpg (69335 Byte) Jim CRAWSHAW .. one of the "Kings of knur and spel". Contributed by Connie Goldring

The wedding of my grand-parents ..  September 1899.

Walter SHAW and Jane HAIGH. A working class family .. but all the ladies wearing very fine hats .. they were made by Jane's friend .. the lady sat far right on the front row.

Oldfolkout.jpg (50418 Byte)


Group of Stocksbridge "Old Folks" on an outing to Scarborough. July 16th 1947.

From Richard Tetley.

stockout.jpg (71280 Byte)

"About 1918-20, because my grandfather, Frederick William

Tetley (1900-1982) is on there, as very young man."

From Richard Tetley.

Annie Radford.jpg (22738 Byte)

Here is a photo of my Grandmother, Annie Gertrude DAKIN. I believe it was taken circa 1893. She was born in Deepcar on the 1st December 1872. She left with her family circa1880 for Worsboro, near Barnsley.

Her mother Frances DAKIN was wed at Bolsterstone church  to Henry CROOKES

Alan Radford

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if you have any family photos of the Deepcar, Bolsterstone or Stocksbridge area you'd like added.


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