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These photos below taken by Thomas ROBINSON at Walkley Cemetry. Including the grave of Tom ROBINSON and his wife Kate (ETCHELS). 

TomandKateROBINSON.jpg (147530 Byte)

Tom was a grand-son of John SHAW and Hannah MALLISON through Margaret SHAW and Thomas ROBINSON

P1010184.JPG (116474 Byte)P1010188.JPG (82717 Byte)P1010189.JPG (74156 Byte)P1010190.JPG (77663 Byte)P1010192.JPG (103148 Byte)

girlguidetroop1910-2.jpg (105603 Byte)  100 kb

My mother, Hilda BEARD, as a member of what appears to be a guide troop. 
It was taken circa. 1910, somewhere in Sheffield and I wonder if anyone
can identify the school, troop or whatever.

Frank MEESON  

 Dorcas.jpg (295612 Byte)    Dorcas, daughter of Fred SHAW (son of James) and Ellen EVANS, (dau. of Josiah Barber EVANS)

I have a photograph of Fred SHAW's daughter's wedding. 
I am informed Dorcas wed someone with a surname such as (H)elliwell but it could be a red herring. 
Dorcas' sisters and brothers are also supposedly on the photo too but no one knows where.

I would love any information on the people in it if it can be passed on to me.

Brian Thomas  

AMYAUNT EDNAETHEL EMMA 2.jpg (77470 Byte) Photo from Randa   

Amy Hirst Oliver (1888-1971), Edna Moorhouse Longden (1874-), Ethel Hirst Walker (1882-) and Emma Moorhouse Hirst (1862-)

HaroldEdnaHattersle.jpg (42978 Byte)     

Harold Hattersley and his wife Edna Crossley on their honeymoon

EliasAdaJubb.JPG (39410 Byte)

Elias Jubb and his wife Ada Hattersley

Harold and Ada HATTERSLEY , both children of William (1852) and Sarah (1858)

AnnieWragg.jpg (75560 Byte)

Edward (Ted) WRAGG's marriage to Elsie STANIFORTH. His sister Annie is on the far right as you look at it. Arthur and Annie are the children of Joseph Edward Wragg (1874-1953) and Ellen Hattersley (1878 - 1917). Ellen is the daughter of William (1852 - 1918) and Sarah (1858 - 1927) Hattersley. Don't know who Joseph Edwards parents are or indeed anyone else on the photograph.
(NB: photo originally submitted as Arthur WRAGG's wedding, corrected by Iain MacLeod)

Dec251916.jpg (46583 Byte)

Eliza Woodcock (1888 - 1974) nee Hattersley, daughter of the William & Sarah above, with her sons Christopher and Douglas. Photo taken on Dec 12 , 1916. Eliza is pregnant with my mother

Ernest Hatt.jpg (77504 Byte)

Ernest Hattersley's (1884- 1954), grand-son of William & Sarah above,  wedding. His brother Arthur Stanley is behind the bride and his sister Doreen is on the far right. Their mother Sarah Ellen Hattersley (nee Green) is the large lady to the far left wearing white gloves. Doreen married a man called Warner and had one child called David Warner who is a well know actor. 

ErnestWragg1.jpg (86747 Byte)

The wedding of Ernest Wragg, his brother William is best man. Ernest and William are Arthur and Annie's (above) brothers.

HayMaking1.jpg (154543 Byte)

Christopher Woodcock (b Bradfield 1847 - 1918 interred at Wadsley) to the right with his two sons Arthur (to the left, who married Eliza Hattersley) and Fred in the centre. Man on load unrelated. Photo taken in Wentworth, probably Manor Farm.

JWHattersley.jpg (54513 Byte)

John William (Jack) Hattersley ( 1881- 1965) , son of William & Sarah above

Photos from John CHARLTON        

WRAGG from Iain.jpg (344055 Byte)   Joseph Edward WRAGG (1874-1953) and Ellen nee HATTERSLEY (1878 - 1917) from Iain MacLeod


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if you have any family photos of the Deepcar, Bolsterstone or Stocksbridge area you'd like added.


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