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These photos from Neville WESTHEAD who lived in Bolsterstone from 1938 to 1959.
img021WESTHEAD.jpg (125176 Byte)

The church choir in the late 1940's, I am on the left front row.

img022WESTHEAD.jpg (122068 Byte)

Members of the Observer Corps. They operated from the lookout station in Websters field on the Cockshuts, my dad Tom Westhead is on the right of the front row.

img023WESTHEAD.jpg (100874 Byte)

From L to R myself, Bob Dawson, Roy Retallic and his brother Trevor Retallic

Deepcar School (942 x 742).jpg (234951 Byte)

"Deepcar School in the early 1900s, my Grandad, Harry Lenton b.1896, is immediately behind the girl 1st left front row. Harry's sister, Florrie, who was 2 years younger is 2nd from right in the  front row."


I wonder if anyone could help me name any of these people in the following photo's? 

Some of them could be SYKES or CHARLESWORTH


bolsterstone from Emmeline_5.jpg (51127 Byte)   bolsterstone from Emmeline_3.jpg (49458 Byte)   bolsterstone from Emmeline_2.jpg (36453 Byte)   bolsterstone from Emmeline_1.jpg (30919 Byte)   bolsterstone from Emmeline_4.jpg (38168 Byte)

These photos from Hilary 

UnknownBraithwaites.jpg (142233 Byte)    UnknownBraithwaites2.jpg (95661 Byte)   UnknownBraithwaitesCollection3.jpg (205893 Byte)

3 photos which are believed to include the Braithwaite brothers, I'm not sure whether its Robert and Harriet Braithwaite nee Micklethwaite's sons or the sons of Josiah and Hannah Braithwaite nee Cupit.

josiah sepia.jpg (70704 Byte)  Josiah BRAITHWAITE (Born 1859 Green Moor, Hunshelf)

JosiahJamesHannahB.jpg (1114467 Byte)   Josiah with his wife Hannah (nee CUPIT) and their son James

BraithwaiteCrawshawDyson1899.jpg (784719 Byte)   A photo taken from the Samuel Fox Stocksbridge magazine 1899 of a school group which includes Robert Raynard Braithwaite, son of Thomas Braithwaite - they lived at Haywoods

ThomasBraithwaite.jpg (67158 Byte)                     Robert and Harriet Braithwaite.jpg (30306 Byte)                                            JoelMicklethwaite.jpg (33300 Byte)
Thomas BRAITHWAITE       Robert and Harriet BRAITHWAITE            Joel MICKLETHWAITE

3 photos from a book by Harry EASTWOOD

"Harry 's book was never published, there are two copies, one in Stocksbridge Library archives and the other in Sheffield Archives.

 Presented to Stocksbridge local history group "Kenworthy Fellowship" in 1975 by Harry's sister Mrs Doris Walton as Harry had died that year, age 89 without seeing it in print."

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if you have any family photos of the Deepcar, Bolsterstone or Stocksbridge area you'd like added.


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