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A Love Story from Sally Webster

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Annie     Ellen

"Nellie ( Ellen) Crossland, daughter of Ezra and Ellen Hinchcliffe, was my 3 x gt aunt. 

As a girl she went to Lancashire to work in the cotton mills and struck up a close friendship with a young lady, by the name of Annie Pearson, with whom she later lodged. Annie often came over the border to stay with Nellie's family and somehow she met and fell for Anthony Button, who was sadly killed in the Great War.

Annie and Nellie remained unmarried and continued to  live and work together for the rest of their lives. They  used  to visit Deepcar several times a year and we would often take them out for a run in the car. If we drove up past Wigtwizzle, and Dad usually made sure we did, Annie would ask to stop close to a particular tree on the edge of the park around Broomhead Hall.
She would then point up the tree trunk to where Anthony had carved their initials in a heart before he went away to war. 
We continued over the years and ,even as an old lady, and when the heart was quite far up the tree and had grown difficult to read, she'd still go a bit quiet when she thought of her  Sweetheart, Anthony, and I'm sure she never stopped loving him."

These photos from Ray and Maureen ALDOUS

  Ada Ward, daughter of Henry Ward and Hannah Maria White nee Morton

   Her husband: Albert Shaw 2nd son of Nathaniel Shaw and Hannah Hill


Minnie, Dorothy and Maud Shaw daughters of Albert and Ada Shaw taken in Jack House Gardens circa 1914

Ada with Elsie (eldest daughter) and her husband Edgar Windle and dog Bryn

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